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Acupressure Weight Loss Magnet

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Acupressure Weight Loss Magnet

How does it work?

It appears a little wacky, however, attaching magnets onto certain areas on the ears has been said to help with reducing food cravings and stress. The theory is based on acupuncture and the notion that applying pressure to certain places of the ear may reduce certain food cravings. This lowers the chance of overindulgence.

The magnet combines traditional Chinese acupressure and three advanced scientific innovations: Magnetic Acupressure, Far Infrared Ultrasonic Auriculotherapy and Negative Ionization. Some users have reported positive health benefits such as weight loss, faster metabolism, better rest and sleep, reduction of fats and cholesterol, healthy cardiovascular function and circulation, increase in energy levels, reduction of stress, improvement in the serotonin level to relieve depression and to enhance mood just to name a few.

The magnets should be placed in the ear area for approximately 2-3 hours a day. It has the potential to greatly reduce the desire for overconsumption of food (within a few days).

How many hours should I wear it for?

2-3 hours a day.


    If possible, use it at home or at a time when you are calmest, for example in the evening after eating until you go to bed.

    Not recommended for:

    • Pregnant women
    • People that use a Pacemaker
    • People that use a hearing aid/device
    • People that are allergic to metals

    Most of our customers order two or more of the Acupressure Weight Loss Magnet in case they lose one or keep an extra one for the car/work/office/traveling.

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