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Bring It Up Breast Lifter Patches

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Bring It Up Breast Lifter Patches

Achieve A Bouncier Chest Without Surgery!

Do you want to have a bouncy and perky chest without the help of wearing lifting bras?

Here is a great solution; Bring It Up Breast Lifter patches! Bring It Up Breast Lifter patches are anti-sagging breast patches that provide instant lifting and toning without undergoing surgery or other expensive treatments. You can achieve fuller, non-droopy breasts even while going bra-less and tape-less! This adhesive patch helps rebuild lipid structures for a significant anti-gravity lifting effect.

Bring It Up Breast Lifter patches contain a collagen-boosting, ultra-lifting formula that tightens over-stretched breast lipid tissue and ligaments due to sagging. Over time, it improves the breast’s overall bounciness and skin elasticity. It's enriched with anti-aging active ingredients and nourishing hyrdrators that deliver an ample smoothness against wrinkles. The end result is a boosted, upright, and youthful breast shape. Bring It Up Breast Lifter patches provide visible results in 15-30 minutes of use and permanent improvement with continual usage. These patches are hypoallergenic, making them skin-friendly for skin types. It's the perfect product for women whose breasts are sagging due to aging, weight gain, and breastfeeding.


  • Reshapes breast tissue to raise the breasts
  • Tightens & tones to eliminate wrinkles
  • Visible results in 15-30 minutes & permanent improvement with continual use
  • Strengthens skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks
  • Promotes local blood microcirculation to increase plumpness
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types


  • Remove the protective film and place on breasts
  • Wait for 15-30 mins then remove
  • Massage the essence left until fully absorbed


  • Ingredients: Highly-Potent Plant-based Collagen, Premium Breast Enhancement Essential Oils


    • 1 set Bring It Up Breast Lifter Patches (4 pcs.)

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