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Arma™ Flexy Nib Calligraphy Fountain Pen

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Arma™ Flexy Nib Calligraphy Fountain Pen

Calligraphy veterans and novices alike will delight in the Arma™ Flexy Nib Fountain Pen. This innovative best-selling fountain pen adds instant
elegance to your writing, effortlessly bringing fanciful flair to each
letter with grand romantic strokes and beautifully tapered curves. This is no ordinary fountain pen.

The secret to its success? The distinctly
different flexible nib.
Because of its extra flexing capabilities, this nib is like no other. Its agile nature allows for much smoother, more detailed writing than a regular nib. This means more freedom to form a wide variety of lines, from bold and thick to understated and thin. The tip splits when pressed firmly, allowing for more control of the ink and bringing you as close to the classic stylings of point pen and brush calligraphy as possible, without the hassle and mess that dipping a pen can cause.

Lovingly crafted and tirelessly tested, the Arma™ Flexy Nib Fountain Pen makes it easier than ever to achieve flawless calligraphy. Simply unscrew the pen's barrel, place the nib in the ink bottle and turn the cartridge to draw the ink upwards. Functional and sophisticated yet sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the Arma™ Flexy Nib Fountain Pen is your secret weapon for perfect calligraphy, every time!

Note: The Arma Flexy Nib pen goes with any regular bottle ink. We do not sell ink as it causes issues with shipping.

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