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3D Knee Pad™ - #1 Solution to Knee Pain

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3D Knee Pad™ - #1 Solution to Knee Pain

The best cover that your knee deserves to achieve success in your sports career is right in front of you! This product offers the best quality to give full support to your knees while you are on training, exercising, games, and during competition. Durability and flexibility are served guaranteed. This is definitely your knees' best friend!


  • Supports the movement of the knee during sports and protects against overuse strain during strenuous exercise
  • The knee support exerts a beneficial massaging action with gentle compression during movement, thus improving the sensory motor function of the entire joint.
  • Protects the knee and leg from sprains, strains, or pulling during outdoor activities such as running, hiking, basketball, football, soccer, cycling, golf, tennis, etc.
  • Effective joint pain relief
  • Helps for faster recover from knee injuries or surgery and to get quicker relief from pain
  • Helps limit patella movement, and improve proprioception
  • Ideal for Knee Sprains or Strains, Knee Swelling, Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Runners & Jumpers Knee

Product Features:

  • Durable, breathable, and elastic straps.
  • Suitable for athletes and sportsperson like in basketball, volleyball, hiking, running and cycling.
  • It is created with 3D weaving technology, high elastic soft fabric, and can be adjusted to fit your knee size.
  • It has 360 degrees sports protection to cover your knee.
  • It also comes with pressure bandage for full support.
  • Lightweight, fits perfectly, and stays in position securely
  • Can be worn all day
  • No stiffness, no itching or irritation, no growth of bacteria despite heavy sweating


Simply measure your "Up Width" and "Down Width", then pick your corresponding size.

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